Journal Articles

Forthcoming. “Nationalist Cosmopolitanism: The Psychology of Cosmopolitanism, National Identity, and Going to War for Country.” Nations and Nationalism.

2018. “Serious Subjects: A Test of the Seriousness Technique to Increase Participant Motivation in Political science Experiments.” Research and Politics. 5(2): 1-6.

2017. “Due Deference: Cosmopolitan Social Identity and the Psychology of Legal Obligation.International Organization. 71(S1) S137-S163.

2017 “Aiding Strangers: Generalized Trust and the Moral Basis of Public Support for Foreign Development Aid.” Foreign Policy Analysis. 13(1): 133-153.

2017 “Good Europeans: How European Identity and Costs Interact to Explain Politician Attitudes Toward Compliance with European Union Law.” Journal of European Public Policy. 24(1): 42-60.  (Technical Appendix)

2017. “The Choice for Integration: Multilateralism and German MPs Preferences over European Integration.” German Politics & Society. 35(1): 19-41.

  1. 2016.Financing the United Nations: Explaining Variation in How Donors Provide

Funding to the UN.Review of International Organizations.  With Erin R. Graham.

2016 “Values and Prosocial Behavior in the Global Context: Why Values Predict Public Support for Aid to Developing Countries." Journal of Human Values. 22(2):93-106.

2016. “On Legal Obligation in International Politics.” The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Civic and Political Studies. 11(2): 1-18.

2015. “What Drives Modern Diogenes? Individual Values and Cosmopolitan Identity.”

European Journal of International Relations 21(2):451-479. (Technical Appendix)

2015. “It’s the Economy, not European Identity? Analyzing Public Support for EU Membership in Central and Eastern European Countries.” Turkish Journal of International Relations 14(2):16-28.

2015. “Perceiving Risk Perception: An Analysis of Risk Perception Research and Discussion of Its Policy.” IU Journal of Social Sciences 8:21-41.

Under Review

Bayram, A. Burcu and Ta. Vivian. Diplomatic Chameleons: Linguistic Style Convergence and Agreement in International Negotiations. (Revise and Resubmit)

Bayram, A. Burcu and Holmes, Marcus. Feeling their Pain: Affective Empathy and Public Preferences for Foreign Aid.

Bayram, A. Burcu and Ta, Vivian. Measuring Intersubjectivity with Computational Text Analysis.

Works in Progress

Bayram, A. Burcu and Goshn, Faten. Enemy Images and International Cooperation: An Experimental Approach.

Bayram, A. Burcu and Ta, Vivian. Latent Semantic Similarity and Cooperation in International Negotiations: A Computational Analysis.

Bayram, A. Burcu and Graham, R. Erin. Knowing How to Give: IO Funding Knowledge and Donor Publics’ Preferences for Multilateral Foreign Aid.

Bayram, A. Burcu and Thompson, Catarina. Populist Rhetoric and Publics’ Foreign Policy Preferences: A Comparative Experimental Study of America and Britain. 


Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Arkansas

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